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About Let's Move Active Schools

On February 9, 2010, First Lady Michelle Obama announced an ambitious national goal of solving the challenge of childhood obesity within a generation so that children born today will reach adulthood at a healthy weight. She unveiled a nationwide campaign called Let's Move to help achieve this goal.

The American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD) supports the goal of Let's Move and - through the Let's Move Active Schools initiative - pledges to give teachers, principals, superintendents, school boards, and parents the support they need to help our kids to become more physically educated and active in school.

The goal of Let's Move Active Schools is to ensure that every school provides a comprehensive school physical activity program with quality physical education as the foundation so that youth will develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to be physically active for a lifetime.

From: "http://www.aahperd.org/letsmoveinschool/about/index.cfm" - October 18, 2011

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