Teacher and Coaching Education Courses

NHAHPERD announces affiliate status with Innovative CEUs, LLC to provide National Medical - Based Youth and Secondary Coaching Educational Programs


Innovative CEUs provides convenient online courses for educators, coaches and parents.

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Each of Innovative CEUs ® youth courses are an hour long with a 20 multiple choice question final exam. The youth courses can be composed of two 30 minute classes with a 10 multiple choice stage exam; or a class can be an hour class; with a 20 multiple choice question stage exam after the one hour class.

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Youth Sports Concussion Course
Youth Injury Prevention Course
Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes (Ages 8-12)
Coaching Millenial Athletes & Parents
Mental Toughness Practice For Youth Sport Athletes
Mental Toughness Practice For Elite Amateur Athletes
Heat Injuries


Each of these courses will consist either of three one hour long classes, each with 20 multiple choice stage exams. Or these three hour courses can be composed of a combination of an hour class with a 20 question multiple choice stage exam and a 30 minute class with a 10 question multiple choice stage exam.

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Teen Sports Nutrition in Sports
C-Spine and Sports Concussion