(NOTE: All Vice President-Elect codes are the same except for the name of the discipline.)

Code (8-11)
Operating Code for the Vice President-Elect for (discipline)

I. Name: The name of this office shall be Vice President-Elect for (discipline).
Purpose of this position:

        Executive Board and promoting programs for (discipline).
        III. Organization
        A. Eligibility: Must have had continuous membership for two years.
        How Elected: The Vice President-Elect shall be elected by the membership as provided in the Constitution.
        Term of Office: The Vice President-Elect shall serve a one year term which begins on December 1 and concludes the following November 30. After serving one year as Vice President-Elect, the Vice President-Elect immediately succeeds to the office of Vice President and serves one year as Vice President.
        Vacancy: In case of a vacancy, the Executive Board shall appoint a person to fill the unexpired term.
        IV. Duties
        The Vice President-Elect of (discipline) shall:
        1. Serve as a member of the Executive Board and attend all meetings If the Vice President-Elect (for discipline) cannot attend a meeting, he/she must contact the Executive Director or President. If the Vice President-Elect (for discipline) has specific responsibilities for that meeting, he/she should make an effort to have someone cover those responsibilities.
        2. Work with the Vice President and Past Vice President for (discipline) in learning the responsibilities of the office of Vice President to which he/she will succeed.
        3. Identify four (4) speakers for sessions with the discipline for the annual NHAHPERD Fall Conference program.
        4. Work at the NHAHPERD Fall Conference for selected jobs at selected times.
        5. Submit article for each NHAHPERD News newsletter (fall, winter, spring) related to (discipline).
        6. Solicit nominees for NHAHPERD Awards within the discipline.
        7. Solicit nominees for offices within the discipline.
        8. Be actively involved in public relations/advocacy for the discipline including:
          9. Perform such other duties as may be delegated by the Vice President for (discipline) or the President.
          10. Submit to the Executive Director items in this code that need to be updated.

          Revised September 2014