Code 12
Operating Code for Secretary

I. Name: The name of this office shall be Secretary of the NHAHPERD.

A. To serve as an association officer and help individuals
elected to their specific offices.

B. Serve as a guide and reminder of responsibilities.

C. Help standardize practice of NHAHPERD.

Eligibility: Must have had continuous membership for two years.

B. How Elected: The Secretary is appointed in accordance with the Constitution.

Term of Office: The Secretary will serve in the office of Secretary until he/she submits a resignation.

Vacancy: In case of a vacancy in the office of Secretary, the President will appoint a person to fill the office with Executive Board approval.

IV. Duties
A. The Secretary shall:
1. Serve on the Executive Board.
2. Keep an official record (minutes) of all meetings of the Executive Board and of the assembly, duplicate and distribute copies of the minutes to all Executive Board members.
3. Attend all meetings of the Executive Board and the annual NHAHPERD Fall Conference, submitting reports as requested by the Executive Board.
4. Handle all official correspondence of the Association as directed by the President, the Executive Committee, and/or Executive Board.
5. Record all amendments and changes in the Constitution and By-laws, operating codes, and any other record of permanent nature.
6. Have pertinent records of the Association attainable for reference at all meetings, i.e. past year's minutes, By-laws, Constitution, and Operating Codes.
7. Send out notices for meetings: note date, time, and place.
8. Perform such duties as may be delegated by the President and/or Executive Board.
9. Send copies of key correspondence to appropriate members of the Executive Board and/or committee chairpersons.
10. Submit to the Constitution, Bylaws, and Operating Code Committee any items in this code that need to be updated. These should be
included in the annual report as recommendations for change.
11. Select and turn over to the NHAHPERD Archivist copies of any materials that have significance for NHAHPERD history.
12. Turn over files to successor.