Code 3
Operating Code for the President-Elect

I. Name: The name of this office shall be President-Elect of the NHAHPERD.

Purpose: The purpose of this code is to acquaint the President-Elect with the duties and responsibilities of the office of President-Elect of the NHAHPERD.

Eligibility: Must have had continuous membership for two years.
How Elected:
1. The election of the President-Elect shall be conducted in accordance with the NHAHPERD Constitution.
2. The President-Elect shall automatically succeed to the office of President of the NHAHPERD at the close of his/her tenure as President-Elect. (This does not apply to any President-Elect who has been appointed to fill an unexpired term.
C. Term of Office: The President-Elect will serve for one year and begins his/her term December 1 and concludes on the next December 15th.
Vacancy: In case of death or resignation of the President-Elect, the President will direct the Nominating Committee to provide the names of two candidates who have agreed in writing to serve if elected as President-Elect. These candidates' names and a write-in space will be placed on a mail ballot and submitted to the membership for vote. The candidate receiving a clear majority of the returned votes will serve the unexpired term as President-Elect, then succeed to the office of President.

A. The President-Elect shall:
1. Serve on the Executive Board and the Executive Committee.
2. Act for the President in his/her absence and, in case of death or resignation of the President, the President-Elect shall succeed the President for his/her unexpired term.
3. Assist the President in the business program and activities of the NHAHPERD.
4. Discharge the responsibilities of this office as prescribed in the Constitution.
5. Serve as Chairperson of the NHAHPERD Nominating Committee. Submit call for nominations and other pertinent information to newsletter.
6. Serve as a member of the Program Enhancement Grant Selection Committee.
7. Meet with the newly elected members of the Executive Board immediately following election.
8. Attend the Leadership Development Conference in the summer following election.
9. Represent the State at EDA Convention and other EDA meetings as directed by the Executive Board.
10. Solicit recommendations for committee membership and committee chairpersons from outgoing Committee Chairpersons, the Executive Board, and other members in the State.
11. Send copies of key correspondence to appropriate members of the Executive Board.
12. Submit to the Constitution, Bylaws, and Operating Code Committee items in this code that need to be updated. These should also be included in the annual report as recommendations for change.
13. Select and turn over to the NHAHPERD Archivist copies of any materials that have a bearing on NHAHPERD history.