Code 2
Operating Code for the President

I. Name: The name of this office shall be the President of the NHAHPERD.

Purpose: The purpose of this code is to provide the President with an outline of the duties and responsibilities of the office of President of the NHAHPERD.

Eligibility: Must have had continuous membership for two years.
B. How Elected: The President shall automatically succeed to the office of President at the close of his/her tenure as President-Elect.
Term of Office: The President will serve for one year and begins his/ her term on December 1 and concludes on the next December 15th.
Vacancy: In case of death or resignation of the President, the President-Elect shall succeed him/her for the unexpired term.

A. The President shall:
1. Discharge the responsibilities of this office as prescribed in the Constitution.
2. Act as Chairperson of all regular meetings of the Executive Board and any special meetings.
3. Serve on the Executive Committee.
4. Act as Chairperson of all meetings of the membership, and at any special meetings.
5. Make the following appointments with Executive Board approval: Executive Director, Secretary, Treasurer, Newsletter Editor, and any additional committees deemed necessary to carry out the purposes of the association as per operating codes.
6. Notify the administrative person responsible for each officer and persons on committees (Superintendent, College President, Department Head, etc.) of the election or appointment of members asking cooperation in attendance at meetings and projects.
7. Cooperate with the Past President in organizing and carrying out plans for the annual NHAHPERD Fall Conference.
8. Notify all officers and committee chairpersons to present reports at the annual NHAHPERD Fall Conference as deemed appropriate.
9. Present a progress report to the membership at the annual NHAHPERD Fall Conference as deemed appropriate.
10. Be responsible for the election of officers at the annual NHAHPERD Fall Conference and be the tie-breaking vote, if necessary.
11. Instruct the Executive Board in their responsibilities for formulation and conduct of the annual NHAHPERD Fall Conference program.
12. Set agenda for and chair the business meeting(s) at the annual NHAHPERD Fall Conference.
13. Be responsible for New Officer Orientation at the Fall Conference meeting.
14. Present appreciation letters (or certificates) to the Executive Board members whose term expires.
15. Work in close cooperation with the Executive Director, Secretary, and Treasurer and act through those offices in such routines of organization, reports, mailings, announcements, and correspondence as rightfully belong to the functions of Executive Director, Secretary, and Treasurer.
16. Working with the Executive Director, serve as a liaison with the EDA and the AAHPERD by:
a. Disseminating information and implementing action of EDA and AAHPERD.
b. Submitting information from the State to EDA and AAHPERD.
c. Conveying recommendations or problems to EDA and AAHPERD boards.
d. Coordinating State Association plans and activities.
e. Serving as a member of the AAHPERD Alliance Assembly and the EDA Representative Assembly.
f. Naming representatives to the EDA Representative Assembly, AAHPERD Alliance Assembly, EDA committees, and AAHPERD committees as requested.
17. Appoint replacements to Standing Committees and form and appoint President's Committees, with final approval by the Executive Board.
18. Be responsible for the authorization of all expenditures.
19. Instruct and activate Association Committees in their specific functions.
20. Appoint representatives to the Council for Services and the Council for Conventions in accordance with the rotation plans as designated by the EDA Bylaws.
21. Insure the bonding of the Treasurer to the amount considered feasible in relationship to the financial condition of the Association.
22. Serve as a member of the Awards Committee. Working with the Chair of the Awards Committee, notify recipients of awards and extend congratulations.
23. Notify the EDA and AAHPERD of those members who received awards.
24. Working with the Executive Board, interpret objectively and in terms of consensus, the needs, efforts, and actions of the State Association to EDA and AAHPERD and in so far as possible, promote professional growth and integrity through coordinating goals, standards, and services.
25. Submit the President's Message for each newsletter.
26. Turn over files to successor at the last meeting of the Executive Board.
27. Submit to the Constitution, Bylaws, and Operating Code Committee any items in this code that need to be updated. These should also be included in the annual report as recommendations for change.
28. At the conclusion of his/her term of office, go through all minutes and take steps to add policies during that year in office to the appropriate policy publication.
29. Select and turn over to the NHAHPERD Archivist copies of any materials that have a bearing on NHAHPERD history.