Code 14
Operating Code for the Executive Director

I. Name: The name of this office shall be Executive Director of the NHAHPERD.

A. To serve as a general manager of the Association subject to the authority, control, and direction of the Executive Board, Executive Committee, and the President.

III. Organization:
A. Eligibility: Must have had continuous membership for at least two years.
How Elected: The Executive Director is appointed by the President.
Term of Office: The Executive Director will serve for five years with the option to continue and/or renew the term.

IV. Duties:
A. The Executive Director shall:
1. Serve on the Executive Board and the Executive Committee.
2. Attend Executive Board meeting, Executive Committee meetings, NHAHPERD Fall Conference, and any other required yearly meetings.
3. Maintain an effective relationship and communication with local, state, district, and national segments of AAHPERD and affiliated associations and attend appropriate meetings and functions.
4. Serve as an advocate for NHAHPERD’s mission on the local, state, regional, and national levels.
5. Work with the President to serve as a liaison with the EDA and the AAHPERD by:
a. Disseminating information and implementing action of EDA and AAHPERD.
b. Submitting information from the State to EDA and AAHPERD.
c. Conveying recommendations or problems to EDA and AAHPERD boards.
d. Coordinating State Association plans and activities.
e. Serving as a member of the AAHPERD Alliance Assembly and the EDA Representative Assembly.
6. Maintain current files of all association materials, i.e. operating codes, forms (membership applications, evaluation forms, nomination ballots, etc.).
7. Work with the Past President in the formulation of annual NHAHPERD Fall Conference policies and contracts, and recommendations on conference procedures and decisions.
8. Work with the Past President to be responsible for the planning of the annual NHAHPERD Fall Conference. Assist in taking care of: Conference Planning, Hospitality, Program Entertainment, Educational Exhibits, Commercial Exhibits, Social Recreation, Facilities, Records, Evaluation, Arrangements, Publicity (including newsletter articles), Photographer, Registration, and Program Printing.
9. Assist the Secretary with keeping motions on file.
10. Act as membership chairperson promoting membership and maintaining current membership files, completing the yearly AAHPERD members-in-common program, signing the yearly contract for AAHPERD new member allocation, and furnishing labels for use in mailing publications, renewals, and to other organizations.
11. Assist with budgeting duties and complete the IRS and AAHPERD annual reports.
12. Assist with grant writing and fundraising ideas and implementation of the same.
13. Provide each incoming Executive Board member with an up-to-date copy of the Constitution, By-laws, and operating code prior to his/her taking office and work with the President for the new officer orientation meeting.
14. Mail, receive, count, and record any ballots sent to members on issues requiring a mail vote. Report results to the Executive Board by letter and the membership through the Newsletter and/or at any assembly. Destroy ballots when given permission to do so by the Executive Board.
15. Forward to Newsletter Editor any petitions for adoption or amendments that have been approved by the Executive Board.
16. Serve as resource person to all board members.
17. Serve as member of all standing committees and ad hoc committees.
18. Keep record of all committee members with date of appointment and terms of office.
19. Coordinate with Newsletter Editor on articles, timing, mailing, calendar, awards, etc.
20. Acquire Department of Education mailing list for the annual NHAHPERD Fall Conference mailing along with the NH Recreation and Parks Association, YMCA's, Health Educators, and any other state affiliates.
21. Submit to the Constitution, Bylaws, and Operating Code Committee any items in this code that need to be updated. These should be included in the annual report as recommendations for change.
22. Turn over files to successor.
23. Select and turn over to the NHAHPERD Archivist copies of any materials that have a bearing on NHAHPERD history.