Code 31
Operating Code for the Awards (Committee) Chair

I. Name: The name of this position shall be the NHAHPERD Awards (Committee) Chair.

Purpose: The purpose of this code is to provide the NHAHPERD Awards (Committee) Chair with an outline of the duties and responsibilities of the position of NHAHPERD Awards (Committee) Chair.

The purpose of the Awards Committee is to solicit nominations and make selections for all NHAHPERD Awards. It will be responsible for publicizing information about award recipients, purchase and preparation of the awards, and preparation of notes relative to award recipients for the President.

Eligibility: The chair must be a NHAHPERD member.
B. How Elected: The NHAHPERD Awards (Committee) Chair will be appointed by the President, with approval of the Executive Board. (The NHAHPERD Awards (Committee) Chair shall be an ex-officio member of the NHAHPERD Executive Board and can, but not need, be an officer of said board.)
Term of Position: The NHAHPERD Awards (Committee) Chair will serve a term of three (3) years, with the opportunity to serve successive terms.
Vacancy: In case of a vacancy in the position of NHAHPERD Awards (Committee) Chair, the President shall appoint a person to fill the unexpired term.
Committee Membership: The Awards Committee shall consist of the Executive Director, President, President-Elect, Past President, Vice President for each discipline, and Student Representative.

A. The NHAHPERD Awards (Committee) Chair shall:
1. Attend meetings of the NHAHPERD Executive Board as an ex-officio member.
2. Solicit nominations for the following awards:
Teacher of the Year
Middle School
High School
Outstanding Professional Award
College Teaching
Outstanding Future Professionals (students)
NAGWS Pathfinder Award
Adaptive Physical Education
Nominations will be solicited at the annual NHAHPERD Fall Conference, via NHAHPERD News, and through other avenues (principals, etc.).
3. Carry out established procedures and timelines for the selection of award winners.
4. Notify award recipients and their immediate supervisors.
5. Prepare brief biography on each award recipient to be read by NHAHPERD President at the awards presentations during the annual NHAHPERD Fall Conference.
6. Submit brief biography of each award recipient to the Executive Director for use in the winter issue of NHAHPERD News.
7. Prepare award plaques and certificates for each recipient to be presented at the annual NHAHPERD Fall Conference.
8. Prepare, in coordination with the Executive Director, updated award descriptions and nomination form for the annual NHAHPERD Fall Conference program booklet and the winter issue of NHAHPERD News.
9. Notify award recipients of regional and national award criteria and timelines. Mentor, as needed.
10. Review EDA and AAHPERD award criteria for consistency with NHAHPERD award criteria.
11. Maintain an awards binder with list of nominees, past year’s recipients and history of winners.
12. Give copies of all official correspondence to the President and Executive Director.
13. Submit to the Constitution, Bylaws, and Operating Code Committee any items in this code that need to be updated. These should be included in the annual report as recommendations for change.