Code 16
Operating Code for the Archivist

I. Name: The name of this position is the Archivist of the NHAHPERD.
Purpose: The purpose of this code is to provide the Archivist with an outline of the duties and responsibilities of the position of NHAHPERD Archivist.
The purpose of this position is to:
1. Receive, screen, file, and store all NHAHPERD records and documents of historical value.
2. Use Association historical data to develop a historical document.
3. Service the membership by granting permission for the use of documents for research and other professional purposes.
III. Organization:
Eligibility: The Archivist must be a current member of NHAHPERD.
B. How Elected: The Archivist is appointed by the President with approval of the Executive Board.
C. Term of Office: The Archivist shall serve continuously until resignation by the individual.
Vacancy: In case of a vacancy, the President will appoint a person to fill the position.
A. The NHAHPERD Archivist shall:
1. Each year receive all NHAHPERD documents related to the year's business and functions.
2. Screen all materials in relation to historical value to the NHAHPERD.
3. Sort all materials and organize them into chronological and logical patterns from which a historical document can be developed.
4. File in designated categories, where possible, copies of each document so designated.
5. Store the documents in a place easily accessible to the NHAHPERD.
6. Grant permission for the use of the documents for research and other professional purposes.
7. Maintain an up-to-date pictorial book of NHAHPERD Presidents and display it at the annual NHAHPERD Fall Conference.
8. Prepare a display or supply documents for a display and assist in special historical presentations.
9. Send the files to a successor as soon as new appointment has been made.
10. Submit to the Constitution, Bylaws, and Operating Code Committee any items in this code that need to be updated.
11. Keep record for each year of all proceedings of the NHAHPERD that may include the following:
a. List of officers
b. List of committees
c. Goals for the year
d. Projects for the year
e. Final accomplishments
f. Legislation
g. Certification
h. NHAHPERD awards
i. Publications
j. Minutes of all NHAHPERD meetings