Lilyan B. Wright Service Award

DESIGNATION: The Lilyan Wright Service Award recognizes an individual or organization making a significant contribution to the New Hampshire Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation (NHAHPERD). This award shall be given when uniquely deserved and is therefore not necessarily an annual event, though multiple awards may be given in any year.

The Lilyan Wright Service Award shall be awarded by the NHAHPERD.

QUALIFICATION: Any individual or organization within New Hampshire is eligible to receive this award. Although NHAHPERD and /or AAHPERD membership are not prerequisites, exceptional leadership and/or service should be exhibited.

PROCEDURES: The NHAHPERD Awards Committee shall solicit nominations through proactive identification of individuals or organizations deserving of this honor. The Committee shall review all nominations and decide whether to recommend and then forward names to the NHAHPERD Executive Board for final consideration and selection. The Executive Board shall then decide whether to endorse and grant the award(s).

The award will consist of an appropriate token of recognition and be presented by the chairperson (or his/her representative) at the annual convention.